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dating just got 2x better

Fourplay’s Double Dating App Makes Going Out Twice as Fun for Singles 

NEW YORK, Nov. 12, 2019 — Fourplay Social LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its signature double dating app, Fourplay, a service that shakes up the online dating scene by giving single friends the chance to form dating teams so they have a more fun, less awkward, and safer way of finding romance. 

The free and first-of-its-kind app puts a fresh spin on the now ubiquitous “swipe right” dating interface. As a team, friends browse, match, and go out with other duos. There is no one-on-one dating. It’s simply double or nothing. 

Fourplay was conceived by longtime friends and first-time entrepreneurs Danielle Dietzek and Julie Griggs, two healthcare professionals who met nine years ago when they were sorority sisters at Penn State University. “As young, single, professional women who were tired of going on dates with strangers we knew little about, we wanted to make the experience of online dating more enjoyable for everyone,” said Griggs. “You might regret choosing a date over other plans, but you’ll never regret a night out with your friend. When we thought about that, the obvious solution was staring us right in the face: double date!” That’s how the idea for Fourplay was born. 

Dietzek added, “People tend to be more comfortable and act like themselves when they’re in social settings with someone they know, which makes Fourplay the logical cure to the awkwardness of dating. It’s great because instead of “swiping” on just one person you’re getting the chance to meet twice the number of singles per date.” 

Beyond the fun aspect, Fourplay makes dating safer, especially for women. “The fact that you’re bringing an extra set of eyes along means you no longer have to worry about your drink being spiked when you’re in the bathroom, or how you’re going to end the date if things get uncomfortable. Your escape plan is literally built in.” said Griggs. 

In order to match on Fourplay all four members have to indicate they are interested in connecting. Once everyone approves, a group chat is opened where the teams can get to know each other and make plans to meet up. “The four the merrier!” said Dietzek. 

Founded in January 2019, Fourplay has been in development for nearly a year, and is now available in both Apple and Google Play Stores. 

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