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dating just got 2x better

fourplay is the SAFE choice in double dating apps

A dating app is partnering with an app about STDs? Why would they do that?! Because they’re giving the term “healthy relationship” a whole new meaning and here’s why:

These are the facts - since the advent of dating apps there has been an increase in sexually transmitted infections. On October 8th the CDC press release acknowledging that STDs are continuing to rise. Since Fourplay was conceived (pun intended) by two healthcare professionals, both co-founders feel very strongly that the dating app must be a socially responsible one. 

Fourplay and SAFE App have joined forces to combat the epidemic of sexually transmitted infections by increasing access to testing and treatment and ridding the stigma of STDs. A person who cares about his or her health, and respects yours, is pretty sexy and would probably make an excellent life partner. 

The female founders want everyone to know that Fourplay is neither encouraging its users to be sexually active nor are they advising against it (because it’s nobody’s business what you do with your sex life...except for yours and your partner's…). All that Fourplay is suggesting is that if you are being intimate with people you meet both on and off dating apps you do so responsibly. Help us put a stop to the very real STI epidemic!

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Fourplay, the official double dating app that creates a more fun, less awkward, and safer way of dating, is super excited to announce its partnership with SAFE - The Safe Sex App.