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Team Up With a Single Friend

Dating is more fun, less awkward, and by far safer with the help of a friend. So, recruit your single buddy (or all of them), create a fourplay team, and then match with other pairs.

  • 100% Free Fo(u)r All

  • Create Unlimited Dating Teams

  • Partner With Whoever You Want

Give 'Em The Cold Shoulder

Had it with the anxiety of seeing your exes on the apps, or even worse, worried they might see you? Now you can avoid them or anyone else even before they join fourplay. Go ahead and swipe away with peace of mind. You’re welcome! 

  • Decide Who You Want to See

  • Decide Who Gets to See You

  • Even Before They Join Fourplay

 Are You Into The Group Thing?

Get on the same page when planning your date... literally. When all four users give the “thumbs up,” that’s a match, which generates a Group Chat. Let the banter ensue. Have something you want to say to your teammate only? Switch to Team Chat and speak freely.

  • Break the Ice With Group Chat

  • Make Plans to Meet Up IRL

  • Talk Strategy with Team Chat

Proud 2020 Selection

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