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Dating apps are where fun goes to die

The good news: fourplay isn't a dating app; it's a social app for singles. Let's face it, swiping by yourself is a soul-sucking activity, and nothing is worse than missing out on a night with your friends because you met up with someone from the apps who wasn't even worth it. When your friend is right there with you, a night out is never a night wasted. 

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  • Create a team with a single friend

  • Ability to make unlimited teams

  • Co-star on your team profile

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More fun, less pressure, & safer

Get on the same page when planning your date... literally. Giving the thumbs up on teams rather than individuals makes meeting up a lot more relaxed. fourplay doesn't try to change your relationship status; we just want you to have a single life that's actually a good time, with less expectations and a feeling of security. 

  • See other teams that match your preferences

  • Switch between your teams at any time

  • See who your teammate already liked

Expand your single social circle

The banter that all singles crave is effortless in the fourplay group chat, and this translates to real life too. When you're able to interact with new people alongside someone you're already comfortable with, that's when you're the best version of you (and your friend will 100% maybe laugh at all your jokes). Not feeling the romance? Unlike the typical high-stakes date, it's easy to walk away with new friends on fourplay.

  • A chat that's never boring

  • No more awkward meet ups

  • Make new friends even if there's no romance

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