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10 Great NYC Double Date Spots for Valentine's Day

You’re single, it’s Valentine’s Day, and everywhere you go is seeping "couples cringe worthiness." Not exactly the ideal scenario for two pairs of singles on their first group date encounter. Good news, though, we've found a bunch more awesome New York City double date-worthy places that will certainly not disappoint, regardless of whether it's a February 14th Fourplay match, or any other day of the year.

10 Great NYC Valentine's Day Hot Spots

Lupe’s East LA Kitchen


Lupe’s East LA Kitchen NYC

¡Excelente! What looks like a 50’s diner adorned with Mexican music records, is actually the best margarita joint in Soho. Lupe’s also serves some of the tastiest enchiladas AND coffees you can find in the city. Great for groups, Lupe’s has booth seating and a bar. They also have outdoor seating so your group can spread out (worth mentioning in this unseasonably warm winter). This location is so clutch for a date, being just a five-minute walk away from 3 different parks and Little Italy. Eat your hearts out and then stroll in the neighborhoods nearby.

Fourplay Hot Take: Spicy hot sauce that hurts so good! Warning: Do NOT kiss after tasting unless you’re into that kinda thing


Murray Hill

Duke's NYC

Duke’s is a must for any Fourplay daters who like beer. They pride themselves on their Beer Wall. Imagine self-serve frozen yogurt shops but now replace the frozen yogurt with beer and you’ve got Dukes. It is by far one of the most vibrant and social places in Murray Hill and with a Duke-a-Rita that will mess you up if you're not careful - don't say we didn't warn you!

Fourplay Hot Take: Their portions are gigantic, and many of their Southern favorites are easily shared amongst four hungry eaters.

The Bean at Astor Place:

East Village

The Bean at Aster Place NYC

This cafe is a staple of the East Village, and they pride themselves on being the influence of the vibes in their neighborhood. Unlike many cafes in Manhattan, The Bean is really roomy, so you definitely don’t have to feel flustered fighting for seating on your double date (we’ve all been there). Enjoy some of the EV’s best Acai Bowls, and try to stay calm over the donuts. We also really like the Bean at Broadway. Very similar vibes and also within walking distance of NYU’s campus.

Double Dating Pro Tip- Students get 10% off at both locations, so bring your ID if you’re a college Fourplayer!

Harlem Cigar Room


Harlem Cigar Room NYC

This place is such a hidden gem. Like, you’ll feel like you’re literally inside a movie set. Harlem Cigar Room is right in the heart of Harlem but once you step in you’re transported into another dimension. Crowds of singles hang out here, going back and forth from the Harlem Wine Room. This spot is dimly lit with comfy leather chairs, yet perfect for four singles who aren’t trying to be overly romantic on Valentine’s Day!

Fourplay Hot Take: The Harlem Cigar Room is BYOB, but they also serve wine and beer from next door.

Bailey’s Corner Pub


Bailey's NYC

Bailey’s is an old-time neighborhood classic. It’s a little tavern with a long bar and tin ceilings. No frills, opposite of pretentious, like some of the other spots on the Upper East Side. Just a real bar. There's a lot of high top seating just parallel to the bar, so you can actually look at your dates. The pressure is so off in this environment, and we definitely recommend stopping in for your Fourplay date. You can also find quiet little nooks to play Jenga. Let’s be real, flirting always ensues whenever there is Guinness on tap with some competition in the mix.

Fourplay Hot Take: Three words: pinball, jukebox, darts. So make sure your team's game is on, both literally and figuratively, when hitting up this double dating gem.

Mel’s Burger Bar

Upper East Side

Mel's Burger Bar NYC

Is it possible to say anything bad about a burger joint that serves alcoholic milkshakes? Mel’s Burger Bar is the most versatile dating spot from our list, being that you can go there for the bottomless brunch, $5 beer happy hour, game day, loaded burgers like the “Dirty Hipster,” or for your late night fourth meal. The common thread: you’ll feel all the laid back feels of Mel’s. Unlike many restaurants in the city, Mel’s set up isn’t crowded; allowing your double dating to set up shop up in one of their red leather booths that line the entire perimeter of the back area.

Fourplay Hot Take: Their enormous nachos are tailor-made for the ideal Fourplay sharing experience.

Milk and Hops

Chelsea (with locations in Astoria and UES)

Milk and Hops NYC

If you Google this place you might be confused why it’s being called a craft beer bottle shop, ramen joint, grilled cheese and sandwich spot, gourmet food market, and watering hole. Simple explanation: IT’S ALL OF THOSE THINGS. With 2 locations in the city and 2 in Astoria, you can always rely on this place for a fun Fourplay date. The open-air concept (at the Chelsea location) makes it super casual and social. This is definitely a place to order a million shareables amongst four people. Bonus: the staff is super personable with the patrons— for a moment you might even forget you’re in New York City in 2020.

Fourplay Hot Take: If y’all are beer fans and like to try new things, order a few of their “three 4 oz beers” and taste them all.

The Roost

Alphabet City

The Roost NYC

The Roost could either be your coffee date if you’re taking the booze-free route or your intimate bar date for double dating explorers who want to check out the hidden secrets behind the sliding doors, including the hypnotic skylights in their beer and bourbon hideaway. Plus, if you’d rather go here during day time, it will be just as poppin' as the evening. Their cafe has the perfect people-watching windows, and I’m sure we would all agree that there’s no better conversation starter.

Fourplay Hot Take: Pick your teammate wisely because there are board games to be played at this cozy gem.

Draught 55

Midtown East

Draught 55 NYC

Draught 55 is made for groups of people to hang all day and night. With long picnic-like tables and benches, there is a communal feel that makes you just wanna order a few pitchers of whatever is on tap. Despite the fact this is a major beer spot (one of the best beer selections you’ve seen, trust us), it’s quiet enough for you to actually hear one another talk.

Fourplay Hot Take: The back also has a fireplace, the perfect spot for four to get flirty if you’re feeling those vibes.

The Monkey Cup

Hamilton Heights

The Monkey Cup NYC

Step into a different universe when you enter this monkey-inspired cafe. A perfect place for a double date featuring the coolest looking cups of coffee you'll ever see. The Monkey Cup is the kind of spot that lets you sit all day if you’d so prefer. The vibes are super laid back, with a ceiling of leafy greens. You sense “neighborhood” vibes immediately. Plus, everything in the place is hand built. You’ll have much to talk about just admiring the decor!

Fourplay Hot Take: The giant tree bookshelf is a great source of conversation starters, so make sure to take advantage of it for help getting the ball rolling.


Have any NYC Valentine's Day group-date hot spot suggestions of your own that we may have left out? Let them be heard in the comments below!

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