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8 New York City Hotspots Worthy of Any Fourplay Double Date

Great, you've got your Fourplay group date set up. Now, does anyone have any suggestions about where to go and what to do? No problem, our boots on the ground have pounded the pavement of New York City to come up with an Elite 8 list of places guaranteed to make any double date a winner.

8 Great New York City Double Date Spots


Upper East Side

This spot is a super chill haven amidst the hustle and bustle of Second Avenue. It’s to settle in for some communal delish eats or to blow off some steam on the weekends with their creative cocktails and craft beer. You’ll never feel like you have to shout above the music in its small setting.

Double Date Pro Tip: Get your double date competition on with games such as Jenga and Connect Four and rival your opponents on Workshop’s Trivia Nights.

Little Bean Coffee


Little Bean NYC

The perfect daytime date location for a party of four. Little Bean Coffee sits right atop Central Park, directly on Central Park North. Enjoy coffee with a fancy presentation (a welcome change of pace for those of us used to grabbing coffee on the run from the big coffee corps). Admire the high ceilings with sky blue colors in a room filled with local artwork, potted plants, and the aroma of pastries. Impossible to feel anything other than bright and positive vibes!

Double Date Pro Tip: In the spirit of what you're there for choose the "Matcha" people.

Brother Jimmys

Murray Hill

Brother Jimmy's NYC

Brother Jimmy’s is a New York legend and a must-go spot for any BBQ lovers or sports fans. If you’re both, you’ll probably fall in love here on a weekend tbh. Inside scoop: Brother Jimmy’s has sent out Koosies, BBQ sauce, and stickers for peoples’ weddings who met at their bar. They even claim some of their staff, past and present, met and married due to Brother Jimmy’s! Romance is in the air in this fun atmosphere.

Double Date Pro Tip: Nothing provides a cure for first date anxiety like a case of friendly competition, so brush up on your beer pong skills before you go.

Coffee Project

Long Island City

Coffee Project Long Island City New York

Way more than just coffee! Fourplay loves all locations of Coffee Project, Time Out New York's Love Award Winner for both 2016 & 2018 but we’re obsessed with their brand new Long Island City location. They offer tons of events throughout the year for coffee lovers and specifically for coffee-loving *SINGLES*. This dating venue offers a cafe, a roastery, and a coffee literary library. It’s an awesome date spot with plenty of seating and an uber relaxed scene. Big tables where four people can comfortably spread out unlike typical Manhattan cramped real estate. Check out this coffee mecca!

Double Date Pro Tip: Take advantage of its coffee literary library as for an endless source of instant conversation starters.

Harlem Wine Room

West Harlem

Harlem Wine Room NYC

Enter the iconic blue door into one of the best wine bars in the city. Perfect for a date, Harlem Wine Bar offers live jazz every Sunday, poetry every Wednesday, and live music every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The food here is decadent and the atmosphere is classy, warm, comfortable, and alive. Enjoy wine from around the world and let the romance ensue. Totally worth traveling uptown even if you don’t live close by!

Double Date Pro Tip: Load up on a bunch of small plates here that four people can easily enjoy together.


East Village

Batsu NYC

This just HAS to be on the list of best double date venues. Wara is a Japanese restaurant with an experiential dining experience…in game show form? Yes, guests enjoy Batsu, a live Japanese game show where comedians participate in challenges and the losers get “punished.” This spot is epic for a Fourplay date, and a great way to laugh with some new people that levels the playing field for everyone. Being that they have beer pitchers, this is definitely a spot you’ll want to enjoy with a fourplay date and not a one-on-one.

Double Date Pro Tip: It’s totally acceptable to be a tipsy audience member and even volunteer to play, so grab your free shot of saki on Yelp (you’re welcome) and put your senses of humor on display.

Ground Support


Ground Support Cafe NYC

Trendy, hipster, and everything Soho. Ground Support has some of the best sandwiches and espresso around. A rare breed of coffee shop that roasts its own beans, Ground Support is a quality double date spot where you and your dates can enjoy conversation in a beautiful and relaxed location. This place is totally unpretentious, the kind of spot where you could spend quite some time hangin’ around and never get kicked out.

Double Date Pro Tip: Make it a group thing (get your mind out of the gutter) by taking advantage of Ground Support's large windows conducive to an endless collective people watching.

Joshua Tree

Murray Hill

Joshua Tree NYC

Joshua Tree loves the 80s. Like, LOVES the 80s. And heavy drinking. Great spot to let loose, and dance while a giant screens show music videos. For Fourplay daters coming to the city from out of town Joshua Tree this bumpin’ bar is smack in the middle of Penn Station and Grand Central making it extremely accessible to get there before Happy Hour runs out at 8pm. Come here on a game day and you’ll feel like you’re back in college playing pong against those friends you’re flirting with, or stop in for happy hour to enjoy a more chill ambiance. Vibes: young, rowdy, and loud. Fun all around.

Pro Tip: Yes, typically, dancing on a first date would be really ballsy, but with a party of four, it’s such a blast. Don't deny it until you try it.


Stay tuned for our next installment of great Fourplay double date spots, but in the meantime, if you've got any suggestions of your own to share - let them be heard in the comments below!

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