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10 Horrible Online Dating Profile Mistakes

When it comes to online dating having a good profile is no longer good enough. It needs to be flawless - well as flawless as one can be.

10 Online Dating Profile Mistakes

We've all been there before. The first picture looks great, you click to find out some more, and are unceremoniously greeted with a reality that smacks you like a bag of nickels to the face. Whether it’s incoherent answers to the prompts, an utter dysfunction with finding profile photos two through five, or more, there are people for whom the only thing they need more than a date is someone to give them a cold hard dose of the truth about their profile. With the sheer number of dating apps saturating the market, over time, best practices have developed that are always a good idea to incorporate. Unfortunately not talked about nearly as much are the absolute no-no's of things your dating profile should never include. FYI, this especially holds true to a fourplay double dating app team page, where your wingman or woman is counting on you to put your best foot forward.

So, if you're like us and feel scared, concerned, or simply nauseous when you see the following faux pas, rest assured you’re not alone!  If you're not sure if you too may be guilty of committing some of these disasters yourself, then you've come to the right place. Without further ado we present to you our top 10 worst online dating profile mistakes.

1. Mirror Selfies

These are simply not appropriate, people. The mirror selfie was invented in the early 2000s and it has since been exiled from this society. While it was once considered to be a trendy way to keep up with other 10th graders, it is now archaic (and sort of embarrassing). If you’re reading this and you have a mirror selfie posted on your profile, first get it off of there immediately (as in yesterday) and check out this helpful article for instructions for successful selfie techniques. You're welcome.

2. Spelling Errors

Their, there, and they’re. There are many ways to learn their differences if you acknowledge that they’re three different words.

3. Is That the Ex or the Sibling?

The age-old question. At first we want to believe it’s just the sibling, it’s just the sibling. And then it hits you. That type of waist holding is NOT how families show affection. 

4. Mysterious Minglers

They are quick to ask questions. They are quick to set up the date. And YET, no last name, no job listed, and only one photo. These people are a risk. Sometimes it’s kinda hot. Like, oh, you’re so cool that you don’t even really need to fill out any information, you’re just so confident that we will vibe on our date. But on the other hand, if you're unable to be googled, there's no way to confirm that you even a human being, and no one is up for falling for a bot. So please give us more, Mysterious Minglers. The suspense is just not fair.

5. Cliché-iest Answers

“Dream dinner guest: you,” and “A goal of mine: travel more,” have gotten very, very old. First of all, you don’t even know me! I am not a dream dinner guest unless you consider vacuuming your leftovers a dream. Because I will house that lasagna, don’t test me. Secondly, obviously we all want to travel. What makes you YOU? What do you aspire to? That’s the good stuff right there.

6. The Closed-Mouth Smile

What are they hiding??!?!?!?!

7. Group Photo Cop-Out

You’re making people do too much work when you use too many group photos. Okay, fine, so it’s a lot of work to find good pics and there are so many from college when you’re with all your friends. But come on. Put in a little effort. Do you expect people to copy and paste screenshots of you into Word so that they can compare all the pics side-by-side and determine where’s Waldo? That ain't right. 

8. The Period

You used “.” for all your answers so that you didn’t have to type anything real. You must think you’re REALLY good looking.

9. The (Wo)Man with 12 Religions

You’re obviously not Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim. Did you mean, religion isn’t important to you? Did you mean, religions are your favorite topic of conversation? Did you mean you converted several times? It’s quite hard to read your mind (unless you’re Wiccan).

10. Posing with a Dog That’s Not Your Own

It’s cruel. You literally trapped the people who are dog lovers into swiping right and then they got all excited like, “Is that an English bulldog,” and you went along with it like, “Yeah, he’s like 50 lbs,” and allowed the conversation to go on until ripping their heart out of their chest and stomping on it when you broke the news that the dog belonged to your cousin. The manipulation.

What do you think are the worst online dating profile mistakes people make? Let us know in the comments below.

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